Romeo Miller learned of Angela Simmons' engagement at the same time as the rest of the world. A preview clip of a new episode of Growing Up Hip Hop takes viewers back to April when Simmons announced her engagement. Unfortunately, she did not tell her best friend, Romeo.

"It's on the 'Gram?" Romeo asked after being alerted to the news. "I didn't even know she was in a serious relationship to be honest. That's kind of off guard right there. Engagement? That's kind of fucked up."

Romeo took it pretty hard since Simmons is such a close friend. Master P's son was shocked to learn that Simmons did not even tell him about her new relationship.

"Me and Angela, we've been very close for a long time, and I had to find out about her engagement on Instagram just like the rest of the world," Romeo said in his confessional interview. "Cold world, man."

The secrecy leads to some issues in Romeo and Simmons' relationship, which you can see play out in the above clip.

One relationship that does not have any friction is Romeo's with Bow Wow. When Bow Wow announced his plans to retire, Romeo took the opportunity to clear the air between the two.

"As kids we should’ve worked together, we should’ve toured together, we should’ve made movies together," Romeo wrote. "The funny thing is, I never looked at Bow as competition. The world made it that."

Romeo's life is not drama free though. The New Orleans native is currently watching his father and mother battle it out in divorce court.

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