Romeo Miller is lucky to be alive after surviving a bad car accident over the Labor Day weekend.

When TMZ caught up with the 24-year-old rapper, who's a former basketball player and television star, he spoke about how he survived a potentially deadly car accident.

Miller says another vehicle collided with the passenger's side of his car at 70 mph, which was the side he was sitting in at the time of the wreck -- he was asleep while a friend drove. The crash occurred during the weekend, according to his account, and he was just leaving the hospital at the time of the interview.

Airbags were deployed at the collision and Miller was able to able to escape without serious injury. He suffered a few cuts and bruises and showed a particularly nasty one on his shin to the cameraman.

"I walked out like Moses," Miller says in the short interview, unbeknownst to how weirdly fitting that biblical reference is.

Master P's son says all who were involved in the wreck are doing fine, although he did note his driver suffered a neck injury. The rhymer, who's currently working on his third solo album, posted the aftermath of the accident on his Instagram. The accident occurred in Lincoln, Calif., while Romeo was on his way to the airport.

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