Just a little bit less than a month removed from having his There's Really a Wolf album go platinum, Russ pulls up with a new visual for "Cherry Hill," one of the standout tracks from the project.

The new video, which dropped today (May 14), is an inventive one that finds Russ living out a steamy romance in a claymation universe. In the clip, he spends time with his claymation lover as the sound of his intermittent spurts of falsetto soundtrack their romance. There's a hazy feel to the whole visual, which sees Russ and his lover floating through space and a Mars-like atmosphere.

"Feeling lonely in this room since I was 17/Thought this bottle was supposed to drown my memory/But I'm still swimming in your vision and it's tempting me/But next time that I call I'm hoping that you answer me," he croons on the track.

Russ might have just secured himself a platinum plaque, but he isn't showing any signs of slowing down. In six days he will embark on his I See You Tour, a trek that will find the rapper-singer-producer traveling everywhere from Canada to Texas and more as he delivers fans that artistic virtuosity that made him a star.

Russ might be reaching new levels of fame, but he doesn't plan on switching up. Speaking with XXL a couple weeks back, Russ explained that he didn't feel any pressure to change the way he lives his life—even now that he's a rap star.

"I'm not obsessed with the idea of doing what you're supposed to be doing when you're a rapper," Russ explained at the time. "Walking around with cash that you haven't even provisioned for tax. Spending all of your time in the designer store to create some weird impression. I'm not interested, bro. I just like making music and that's it. I like making songs and playing 2K [laughs]."

Check out Russ' new video below.

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