Home values across the country continue to rise and according to Zillow, Santa's house at the North Pole in now worth more than $1 million.

Santa's House Tops $1 Million

It's a hot real estate market just about everywhere you go, except maybe the North Poll, where even Santa's house comes in at a cool million. Thought it'd be worth more? Me too.

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According to Zillow, Santa's estate, including his workshop, has finally topped the $1 million mark at a value of $1,031,401, that's up from last years value of around $870,000.

Property Details

Zillow must be on the nice list because they were able to get some details on Santa's place that only someone who has a strong connection with the big man himself can get. The main house, where Santa and Mrs. Clause live, was built in 1822 and is only 2,500 square feet but features three bedrooms and sits on 25 acres. Of course, there's a big workshop where Santa and the elves work, a reindeer stable where Rudolph and the rest of the crew call home, a garage for his big red sleigh and a bunch of "tiny houses" where Santa's elves apparently live.

Off the Market

It's important to note that Santa's North Pole Estate isn't for sale. The Clauses like to show off their humble surroundings once in a while and are especially proud of any new additions they add over the year but there are no plans to sale at this time. But oh boy if they ever decide to retire and move to Sunny Florida, you know this beautiful property will sell fast.

Let's take a look shall we...

LOOK: Take a Tour of Santa's North Pole Estate

Santa's house at The North Pole is absolutely beautiful. The Clauses remodeled in 2013 and the new additions are sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

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