Some things are just too good to be true, and it turns out that the Austin Haunted Booze Cruise is one of them.

It's officially Fall, also known as spooky szn to the youth. Now is the official time to dive into all Halloween festivities. I got word that a special event was happening in Austin, called the Austin Haunted Booze Cruise. Like many in my generation I like to have a good time, and the Austin Haunted Booze Cruise definitely sounds like a good time!

I decided to check out the AHBC and followed the link to the page's Facebook. There weren't many posts on the page, so I headed over to the "About" section to learn more. At first, everything was sounding pretty perfect! Tickets are only $70 and it includes an all you can drink bracelet. The event promises a top local DJ, fun festivities, a Halloween costume contest, and even food.

The Facebook page for the Austin Haunted Booze Cruise states that the event is on Saturday, October 26. The boarding time is listed as 6:30 pm with a departure at 8:00 pm. Return time states that it will be at 11:30 pm.

While researching, one important question remained on my mind. Where is this? I mean Austin doesn't have an ocean. Obviously you could ride on the lake, but why call that a cruise? It just didn't make sense.

I decided to call the number listed on ticket link website and was connected to a Chicago based special events company. A woman named Esmeralda answered the phone and politely asked how she could be of assistance. I explained that I had come across their event, the Austin Haunted Booze Cruise, and that I wanted to get more details. Immediately, Esmeralda explained that her company was being flooded by calls about the AHBC, and that this event is a SCAM.

The Austin Haunted Booze Cruise is completely fake. Someone listed the Chicago company's phone number to make the event seem real. Esmeralda also informed me that another company's address was even used without their permission as well.

Many people have already been fooled and bought tickets. Please don't let this be you! Always research before you buy! Especially when it comes to buying things online.

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