By now, you've heard all about the Ashley Madison hack that leaked thousands of user emails to the open web. But have you stopped to wonder: how many people had an Ashley Madison account who live in my area? Now, we can tell you, thanks to a map created by the folks at Tecnilogica.

According to the website, which has mined the data released by the hackers and correlated it by location, here are the number of Ashley Madison users in the following Central Texas cities. (We've put them in order of most to least, congratulations(?) to those on top!) We've also included those cities' populations (via the U.S. Census) for comparison.

Killeen: 17,654 users (pop. 138,000)
Round Rock: 8629 users (pop. 113,000)
Waco: 8465 users (pop. 130,000)
Georgetown: 8294 users (pop. 59,000)
Temple: 5589 users (pop. 71,000)
Copperas Cove: 2597 users (pop. 33,000)
Harker Heights: 1910 users (pop. 28,000)

As you can imagine, most of those users were men. Is your city not on the list above? Don't worry, you probably still have some lowlifes in town. Just check out the map to find your count of (un)happy homes.


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