For the second time in a month, photos of a sinister shadow person have been captured during a ghost walk at Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, Texas.

These pictures are so frightening and menacing you may never want to visit the historic burial ground after dark again.

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Concordia Shadow People

Lost El Paso Paranormal and the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society lead cemetery walks on a monthly basis and there have been numerous occasions over the years where a guest on one of the tours photographed something that appears to be not of this world.

But nothing as astonishing and bone-chilling as these new pics.

The eerie images were snapped during the Lost El Paso Paranormal Concordia Cemetery Ghosts & Gravestones Tour on September 18.

While in the children's section – the area best known for the grave site marked by the iron baby crib -- Pablo Jerome began taking photos as most tour participants do.

He continued on the walk snapping pictures along the way, but feeling increasingly uneasy. “I felt I was walking in the presence of someone or something (the whole time),” Jerome told me.

Later, after reviewing the photos he’d taken and discovering the ominous figure in a few of them, Pablo realized why he felt like he was being watched; the dark shadow had been following him and his crew the whole time.

*The photos below are the original photos taken:

Pablo Abel Jerome

*Same photos as above but light adjusted so you can make it out better:

Pablo Abel Jerome

*The one on the left has been brightened up. The one on the right is the original:

Pablo Abel Jerome

It Walks Among the Tombstones

Two weeks before Pablo’s graveyard stroll with the skulking shadowy figure, Tam N. Dettloff was attending a Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts915) tour of the historic cemetery when she too unknowingly captured what appears to be a shadow person on camera.

Bonnie Juarez, President of PDNPS, told me she can’t say for sure a shadow person was caught on camera, but she can’t say for sure one wasn’t. “We cannot explain who or what that figure is. We’ve accounted for all crew and security.”

*Top photo is the original, bottom photo has been brightened up:

Tam N. Dettloff via Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society
Tam N. Dettloff via Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society

Dettloff’s photo was taken in the area of John Wesley Hardin’s grave near the Chinese section of the cemetery, according to Juarez.

Depending on your level of belief, shadow people are either supernatural apparitions, extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe, optical illusions, or some kind of camera malfunction.

But one thing I think we can all agree on is whatever they are they’re scary and ominous-looking AF.

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