Valentine's Day is coming up, and while most will opt for the flowers and chocolates, some will drop to a knee and propose. Then the planning starts.

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According to Wedding Wire, the top five days of the year to propose are:

5 - 4th of July (oddly)

4 - Christmas Eve

3 - Christmas Day

2 - New Year's Day

1 - Valentines Day

That means lots of future brides and grooms are about to start the planning of their big day.

Wedding Planner

So, she said "Yes!" Now the fun really starts. Planning your big day is both fun and stressful. There's so much that goes into a wedding that most people will hire someone to take care of the details for them. That's a great idea. It's probably the safest way to make sure that all the particulars are taken care of.

Details Details Details

Maybe you're the do-it-yourselfer, and that's cool. It's probably the cheaper way to go anyway. There's a lot of planning that will need to be handled, so knowing what to get done and what you don't need to get done are important.

The Good News

With all the planning that goes into a wedding, there's at least one detail you won't need to worry about: a marriage license. Thanks to an old Texas law, all you need to do is these three things:

1 - The couple must agree to be married.

2 - The couple must live together as spouses in Texas.

3 - The couple must represent to others that they are married.

Common Law Marriage

It's known as a common law marriage or informal marriage, and it's just as legal and binding as a "formal" marriage. As long as you follow those steps, there'll be no need to go to the clerk's office and pay a fee.

Lookee there - just saved you a step and some extra money.


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