Sheck Wes might be able to somewhat relate to what A$AP Rocky is going through.

In a series of tweets he posted on Monday night (July 8), the "Mo Bamba" rapper claimed that, like Rocky, he'd run into some law-enforcement-related trouble in Sweden. Though the outcome wasn't jail like the one Rocky is currently dealing with—the rapper has been behind bars since turning himself in on suspicion of assault on July 1—Sheck's situation was still not ideal.

"Police frisked me and the whole gang down in Sweden and stripped searched my mans with no consent and we just had too agree shit was wild aggressive , and that’s fucked up," Sheck tweeted. "EUROPEAN countries police always just tryna make and use examples and on tourists that’s unsturdy . Free Rocky!"

As previously reported, Rocky was arrested in Sweden earlier this month after video surfaced of the rapper and his crew getting into a fight with two local men who accused his team of breaking their headphones. He later shared his own video where you can see the two men following Rocky and his crew for quite some time, with Rocky trying to diffuse the situation to no avail. It also shows the reason the headphones broke was because one of the Swedish men struck Rocky's security guard with them.

Rocky is currently being held for two weeks while Swedish officials investigate the incident.

You can view Sheck's tweets for yourself below.

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