Back in February, Shia LaBeouf and Alec Baldwin allegedly had “creative differences” over their Broadway play 'Orphans,' which had Shia quitting and then sharing confusing and very personal emails about the entire situation on Twitter.

But last night, Apr. 1, LaBeouf went on 'Late Night With David Letterman' and actually tried to make sense of it all. Sort of.

The Beouf, who appeared on the show with a beard and broken foot, explained that he and Alec are both passionate and impulsive people, so that made for some "fireworks."

During the sit-down, Shia and Dave also discussed various hypothetical situations about what may have happened (but didn't), Shia shot down the idea that creative differences were at fault (“that's what you gotta say as a business-savvy answer”), and Letterman suggested a truce.

"I think that would be a tough one to pull off," Shia said. "I mean I'm all for it … Alec, I think you're awesome man. That's it."

We're betting Alec doesn't reply by email.

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