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New Parenting Website To Assist During Quarantine and After
As if parenting isn't hard enough, try multi-tasking a full-time job and being a full-time teacher during a pandemic. Talk about exhausting!
Well, thanks to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, a new parenting website aimed to help parents navigate the challenges has emer…
Check Out Cardi B New Series On Facebook and IG
Cardi Is making moves even in a pandemic.
It's been a minute since we've had Cardi B on our TV screens, but she's back with her own social media series. From now through February 4th, every Thursday will be dedicated to Cardi B and her trying something new...
Another Local High School Goes Virtual Due To COVID-19
Another school in Central TX is going virtual.
With just a week left of school before Christmas break begins, University High school has decided to finish remotely. With 12 people testing positive for COVID-19 on campus, the school's principal, Ricky Edison, believes it's what's best..…
Cardi B Played Keisha From 'Belly' To Prepare For Offset's Party
Offset celebrated his 29th birthday party with a mini movie and party.
You would think with everything that's going on with Covid-19 people would be less inclined to have a birthday party, but if anything people have been showing out.
Monday night, November 14th, Offset shut Atlanta down wit…

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