Typical of this time of year in Texas, the weather can't make up its mind. While we've enjoyed a warm, almost spring-like week so far, our friends at KWTX report that a cold front is moving in early Saturday morning. With below freezing wind chills expected, the Salvation Army in Temple, Texas is opening its doors Saturday and Sunday as a warming shelter. They're also very much in need of our help.

UPDATE: Killeen will be offering shelter services this weekend as well. More details below.

Salvation Army of Bell County Is Opening As a Warming Shelter This Weekend

If you're in need of a place to shelter from the chill or know someone who is, please tell them to head to the Salvation Army of Bell County this weekend. It's located at 419 W Avenue G in Temple.

Doors will open at 5PM Saturday, January 15 and Sunday, January 16.

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Overnight Shelter With Dinner and Breakfast

To make bearing the weather a little easier, guests at the shelter will also be treated to a hot dinner when they arrived Saturday or Sunday evening.

When guests depart starting at 7AM the next day, they'll be able to get a breakfast as well.

Guests will also be able to shower.

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Impact Church Offers Overnight Shelter As Well

The folks at the Salvation Army tell us Impact Church at 306 E Adams Ave can also offer overnight shelter.

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Daytime Shelter at Feed My Sheep in Temple

Anyone needing a warm place to shelter during the day is welcome at Feed My Sheep, which is just a couple of blocks east of the Salvation Army at 116 W Avenue G.

Photo Courtesy of Salvation Army of Bell County
Photo Courtesy of Salvation Army of Bell County

Donations of Winter Clothing Items Are Sorely Needed

The Salvation Army is in need of donations to help keep folks warm as we get into the serious winter months. That's where you and I come in.

They're looking for donations of coats, winter hats, gloves, winter scarves, and warm socks to be distributed to people seeking shelter.

If you can spare any of these items to help those in need, please leave them with the helpers at 419 W Avenue G in Temple on Saturday, January 22 from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Generosity's Alive and Well in Central Texas

We're all tightening our budgets with the economy being what it is and the pandemic lingering, but I know there are plenty of Central Texans who want to help. If you can donate some much-needed winter clothes, you may be saving a life or two.

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Google Maps

Killeen's Moss Rose Community & Development Center Opening as Warming Shelter Too

Marcus Hood with the City of Killeen tells us the City has partnered with LULAC and the VFW to offer a warming shelter Saturday and Sunday (Jan. 15 and 16) at the Moss Rose Center, 1103 E Ave. E.

Doors will open at 6 PM both days, and shelter will be provided until 9 AM Sunday and Monday. However, if no one is utilizing the shelter by 11:30 PM Saturday or Sunday, the shelter will be shut down.

Full shelter services like beds and showers will not be provided, but a meal will be offered.


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