Rapper Flo Rida is being accused by the mother of his child of being a deadbeat dad. The “Wild Ones” creator is being hauled into court for not paying child support.

According to TMZ, Alexis Adams has filed court documents claiming that she had sexual relations with Flo Rida from December 2015 to January 2016. She became pregnant and delivered a baby boy named Zohar Paxton who was born in September. Adams says the seven month old baby has hydrocephalus, which is when water builds up in the brain, and she needs help covering medical costs for his treatment.

According to Adams, Flo Rida has yet to claim he’s the child’s father despite a paternity test showing that he’s a biological match (99.99 percent). The test result was included in the court filings. Adams is seeking the court to grant her back child support payments.

This isn't the first time Flo Rida is caught up in baby mama drama. In September 2014, the 35-year-old rhymer was sued by model Natasha Georgette Williams who alleges in her suit that Flo Rida got her pregnant. A paternity test was conducted and it came back that he is indeed the father of her child. At the time, Williams was seeking a “good fortune” child support, which a special kind of child support payment in Florida for wealthy people.

Reps for Flo Rida had no comment on his latest legal matter.

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