The non music-related headlines coming out of the 2018 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas have been at a minimum this year. But just as the festival is on its final day, we gets reports of a near scuffle between Smokepurpp and producer and social media spammer Beats by Saif that went down last night (March 17).

The issues between the two reportedly date back to last year. In September, Saif tweeted, "lil purpp finessed me. help me get my money back." He apparently addressed the matter at SXSW by approaching Smokepurpp and that's when things went left. In video that Saif posted to his own Twitter account, he walks up to the South Florida rapper and the two have a brief conversation. Shortly into their interaction, things get tense.

"I should beat yo' ass right now," Purpp can be heard saying as he gets in Saif's face. People eventually get in between them, and Saif runs off into the night. He later gave his side of the story on Twitter. "Yo I asked smokepurpp about my $2000 I sent him down here at SXSW," he typed. "He got mad and said what he 'should've did' but ain't do shit! 'That's #beatsbysaif' - smokepurpp."

Saif has gained a name in the social media world as a notorious spammer who plugs his content under any and every celebrity tweet as a ploy to gain traction. The tactic has been working and also drawing the ire of some celebrities who've blocked him. He and Purpp have had interactions on Twitter before, with the "123" rapper telling him to knock it off.

See footage of Smokepurpp and Beats by Saif nearly getting into a scuffle at the 2018 SXSW Festival below.

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