Snoop Dogg’s legal case against Pabst Brewing Co. is final over. The two parties have reached a settlement in a dispute over an endorsement deal.

The legal case stems from The Doggfather’s lawsuit against Pabst. According to his suit, Snoop was hired in 2011 to be the face of Blast by Colt 45, a fruity-flavored byproduct of their classic malt liquor beverage. Although Snoop received his standard royalties and fees, he also had an equity clause that entitles him to a portion of profits if Pabst ever gets sold.

According to his complaint, in the fall of 2014, Pabst was sold to Blue Ribbon Intermediate Holdings for a reported $700 million. However, attorneys for Pabst argued that it was merely a transferred of control of the brand, not ownership, and that isn’t covered by Snoop’s deal.

On Friday (Oct. 7), Snoop's attorney Alex Weingarten sent The Hollywood Reporter a brief statement revealing that the legal case is finally over. "We are pleased that the parties were able to reach agreement and resolve this matter amicably," reads the statement.

Exact details of the settlement weren't disclosed. Attorneys for Pabst Ribbon Co. had no comment on the matter.