Imagine the Keurig of Ice Cream Machines.

KHOU in Houston is telling us about a new machine that can take a capsule and create ice cream the way a Keurig can take a capsule and create a cup of coffee.

Damn fine idea if it works. Well, they're promoting it at SXSW in Austin, and it seems they're not making making any ice cream with it, just conversation.

That can only mean that there's still some bugs to work out. I hope they do get them worked out, because no one like bugs in their ice cream, unless your some type of golden shower freak, and since we're talking Austin, well, that's always possible. Weido's.

It would be a nice idea to pop in a vanilla capsule while you're chopping up some fresh strawberries. By the time their all diced up, washed, and rinsed, your bowl of ice cream is finished "brewing" and awaiting a good shower of strawberries.

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