This has to stop bro.

Yes, it's true.... there is yet another person who has been caught licking Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I'll be honest, since that first incident, I only look for ice cream in a sealed container.

This should really be a no-brainer for all foods being sold in a container, SEAL THE CONTAINER!

That's another story.

So, the latest dummy, I mean....person,  who got someone to record them licking Blue Bell Ice Cream is 24-year old D' Adrien Anderson.

Here's an interesting twist, stay with me now!

D' Adrien reportedly told KBMT-TV that he took the same container of Blue Bell Ice Cream he licked, and paid for it and confessed to doing the stunt for publicity.

Reportedly, Walmart surveillance cameras show Anderson purchasing the ice cream.

That doesn't matter to Port Arthur Police, they have issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Anderson looking to charge him with a Class A, Criminal Mischief charge due to the loss that Walmart suffered.

I think they are going to make an example out of him.

Stay tuned!

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