If you have ever wondered what spending a night in jail was like, but never had the pleasure lol, here's your chance! Clifton, Texas has a cell block hotel! Take a video tour here!

Credit: Bryan Wendland via Youtube

Call me weird, but I have often wondered what the inside of a jail really looked and felt like, but THANK GOD, I have't had the pleasure to experience it personally. Well now, folks like me can! Clifton, a little Texas town about an hour north of Killeen, has a jail hotel! It's the real, original two-cell jail, which has now been re-purposed as The Cell Block! Yes, it's a jail, but since you're paying, you can come and go as you please! It even comes with complimentary wine and whiskey, comfy beds, and handcuffs, "in case you're feeling felonious," or freaky lol. THe Clifton jail was built in the 1930's and mostly had drunks as "overnight" guests. It closed in the 1970s, but is now, back on the block!

You can check out their website and even reserve your cell through their website, https://www.stayatthecellblock.com!

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