Spring break has officially begun!

This time last year, things were a lot different. The world was beginning to shut down due to COVID-19, so it's been a year without travel for some of us.

As many people pack up their bags to prepare for a week of fun for spring break, the Bell County Public Health District has provided some tips to remain healthy and protect others while traveling.

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Doctor Amanda Robison-Chadwell, Director of the BCPHD, shared these tips with our news partners at KWTX-TV:

Check them out below.

1) Despite TX lifting the mask mandate, other states are still requiring residents and visitors to wear masks. Make sure you pack extra masks to be on the safe side, be mindful of which places ask you to wear a mask, and be courteous.

2) Wash hands frequently and pack extra hand sanitizer.

3) Continue social distancing as best as possible.

4) Disinfect surfaces, handles, and any other area that's touched often.

5) Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue.

Dr. Robison-Chadwell said that while COVID-19 rates are currently low, they could go up again if people drop their guard entirely.

"We’ve seen this happen more than once," she said. "So, the best thing we can ask the public to do is continue to be cautious and play it safe.”

The CDC has advice for travelers as well. They recommend being vaccinated for COVID-19 before travelling if possible. You should get tested before and after travelling, and if possible you should quarantine for at least 7 days when you get back.

The weather is perfect for traveling, and there are plenty of great places to visit for spring break here in Texas. Just keep in mind that there's still a pandemic on, and even if you feel fine, you should still take a few simple measures to protect vulnerable people until we've put this public health crisis behind us.

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