Winds across Texas are causing some serious damage in parts of the state over the last 24 hours. Video of the damage is coming in from Dallas-Fort Worth, Abilene, and Grand Prarie to name a few.

Starting in Dallas-Fort Worth, high winds ripped part of the roof off of the Amazon Distribution Center near DFW Airport. The twisted metal and broken glass ended up smashing up some of the cars in the airport parking lot. Can you imagine getting off your flight and heading out to your car only to find its got part of a roof laying on it?

Over in Abilene, Texas high winds brought down this TxDOT tower and reduced it to a pile to twisted metal. The 300-foot radio tower was used by three different counties in the area. They are all using a backup tower now in another location.

Winds did more damage at another airport in North Texas this morning as well. WFAA captured the video below of planes flipped over by the wind at Grand Prairie Municipal Airport.

Thankfully, the thunderstorms are moving out of Bell County and Central Texas and will leave behind sunny skies and calmer weather the rest of the week. Got any crazy storm photos from the last 24 hours? Share them in the comments below.

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