Earlier today I was doing some meaningless blog reading and I ran across a post giving 3 reasons on why you should pick a struggle partner (Ha I know if your anything like me...you made a funny face and said "Struggle partner"?) Yeah, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "Struggle Partner" it means to go through the trenches- experience hard times!

So back to what I was saying.. the author gave three reasons why a person should pick a struggle partner and it included:

1) Free Time- If you have a partner with the same amount of free time as you then your more likely to know the ins and out of each other and find away to incorporate Free Time into something proactive.

2) Building- With a struggle partner you have the opportunity to mold this person into someone you actually could see yourself with. You will get a very basic structure and then you can add on.

3) You won't have to worry about the infidelity making it far because they won't have many options better then you...

Note: These are not my words/views!

So after spending five of my precious minutes reading that blog, I realized exactly why my generation is doomed! Is this really how people view relationships? Is this what you guys want?

Don't get me wrong I'm all for working and building with someone but I do not promote settling so that you could build a damn mate! Build and even struggle but do not SETTLE!

Find somebody you can relate to but also learn from. If the top list is your views then please do us all a favor and stay single.

Love, Bosslady.