Ok it's over lol....

Saw and experienced ALOT last week.

From barhopping on 6th street to seeing Young Ma and Amine do their thing at the VEVO house, to seeing Trae The Truth at the Belmont, to vibing with Dreezy, Lil Yachty and Metro Boomin at Antone's to going to the Swisha House Reunion attending the cool panels, checking out "The Roots and Friends" with Red and Meth last week was LIT!!!!!!

Here are just a few photos and fliers from events I went to in no particular order:

So if you are going next year here are a few tips:

1) Be prepared to stand in lines for hours for your favorite artists.


But it's worth the wait..always look at the big picture!


2) You are going to walk...alot....and If you don't like being in settings where there are a lot people, this may not be the place for you. It was literally thousands of people walking back and forth down 6th street. Let me repeat THOUSANDS of people.


3) You are going to see drunk people, (you maybe one of them lol) The police were busy arresting 202 people for DWI's leaving SXSW festivities with 100 needing blood search warrants. You are also going to smell marijuana. Deal with it. You are around artists, the majority of them rappers lol...


4) You are going to see celebs. Randomly, sometimes without security, saw DJ KHALED (last year) Slim Thug and Trae The Truth....just walking....


5) Make sure everyone you are rolling with, has the same credentials or badges or wristbands that you have....You look shady to your friends when you leave them outside the venue because they don't have the same access as you...but they'll get over it.


See ya next year and don't say I didn't warn you!

SXSW (South by Southwest) Conference and Festivals are celebrating their 31st year of bringing together creatives from all walks of life and industries. It is a 9 day event that occurs in Austin every year with Interactive, Film and Music Tracks of programming within the SXSW Conference.  

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