T.I. has never held his tongue when it comes to his thoughts, opinions and outrage against the criminal justice system in America, and his latest post tackles two major cases. Yesterday (May 22), the Atlanta veteran posted side-by-side images of rising rapper Tay-K and accused Texas school shooter Dimitrious Pagourtzis, comparing their cases.

"The Race" rapper is currently incarcerated as he awaits trial after being hit with two capital murder charges as an adult, while Pagourtzis is may be facing capital murder charges as well for the deaths of 10 people after the shooting at Santa Fe High School last week (May 18). While posting a meme circulating social media, which claims that Tay-K may face the death penalty for his participation in the crimes, while the Texas school shooter will not, Tip calls out America as a whole. The hip-hop star starts by slamming the country's criminal justice system for not holding every U.S. citizen to the same standard when a similar crime is allegedly committed.

"This is America!!!! We MUST START STANDING BY OURS THE SAME WAY THEY STAND BY THEIRS!!!!!" he writes. "We can’t keep just throwing ours away when they fuc up,while they give they people every consideration possible .... FUCTHAT!!!! It ain’t fair,& It aint right!!! Hold Every last one of US as Americans to the same standards no matter the color of their skin. Or else we gon do for ours the same you’re doing for yours!!!"

At the end, the "Warzone" rapper also discusses the details of the cases, making sure to point out that the two were both arrested on suspicion of crimes that they are being charged with. He then dissects both cases, pointing out that Pagourtzis was arrested at the scene of the school shooting, which resulted in the death of 10 people. Tip then mentions that Tay-K was arrested based on a warrant with little evidence and through word of mouth, but the D.A. may seek to have the death penalty as a punishment for the crime. As of right now, the death penalty is not on the table for Tay-K, as the case has not gone to trial yet.

"MAJOR POINT: I should point out that neither of these gentlemen have been convicted. Only arrested in suspicion of the crimes their charged with," he continues. "But for the fact that one of them was arrested on the scene of the school shooting that claimed 10 lives. The other was a warranted arrest with little physical evidence,just word of mouth. So the question is how is the D.A. seeking the death penalty for Tay K & not the other guy? AND THAT HES A MINOR SHIT WEAK...THEIR THE SAME AGE!!!!!!"

T.I. has been using his platform to call out a slew of cases recently, as he also recently slammed Houston's restaurant chain in Atlanta after a security guard allegedly dragged a female customer out of the bathroom to detain her and her two friends.

See the full post from T.I. below where he compares Tay-K and the Texas school shooter's cases.

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