T.I. vs Floyd Mayweather, yup it's a real thing!

It's no secret that these two just aren't feeling each other especially since Tiny was caught up hanging out with Floyd last year. So it's no surprise that T.I. isn't here for Floyd's recent comments regarding boycotting Gucci.

Within the last few years, TIP has become a leader not just in the ATL community but as well as the hip-hop community. He's been the driving force behind racial campaigns and very outspoken on the unfair treatment against African Americans. Earlier this week he took to IG to stand behind #boycotting Gucci.

You would think big hittas in the industry would support right? Nope, not Floyd. In a recent interview, Mayweather said, "He's his own person and we will continue to buy Gucci regardless."

That my friend is how we made it here..between the social media pettiness and the diss tracks this is just too much.

Check out the diss track 'Fu%# Ni@#%' that TIP dropped Thursday night below.

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