Fourth of July

Texan Saves Life
A Dallas police officer is praising a young man who helped save the life of a 13-year-old girl who nearly drowned on July 4th.
Temple Fireworks – HEB 4th of July Family Fun Fest
Each year we hear about the Ft Hood Fireworks display, which is brilliant don't get me wrong, but some of us live in Temple.  If you're one of those people, then your Big Q Tip is... don't forget about the HEB 4th of July Family Fun Fest.
10 Extreme Patriotic Tattoos
With July 4th coming up, a lot of us are getting in the patriotic spirit with firework GIFs and festive food. But you know what? Celebrating 'merica doesn't only have to happen once every July. These people are showing off their patriotism year round!
Fireworks GIFs- We Have Them
Maybe you live someplace where fireworks are illegal. Maybe secretly every time you hear some go off you are momentarily terrified that somebody on a neighboring block has just been shot to death. Maybe both (Brooklyn, rep!).

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