A couple of new students have made complete asses of themselves as the school year resumes at TAMU SA.

That's because these "new students" are both donkeys who just happened to show up on campus earlier this summer. TAMU SA officials looked high and low for the owner of the animals but no one has come forward to claim them. Now both donkeys are being adopted as unofficial mascots.

Since their arrival, the donkeys have just been roaming the campus as they please. Student Juan Chavez told KSAT he was pretty surprised to see a couple of donkeys in the middle of campus for the first time. “That was my first day here for a new student orientation. They were like right there at the front entrance. I was like, that’s pretty cool.”

There is a water trough and salt lick on campus for the donkeys. The school is trying to put together a health care plan and shelter system for the animals, and are trying to agree on official names for both of them.

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