Come get a seat early this year at Miller Park in Temple for a fantastic Fireworks Show.

Last year I was at friends house near Miller Park. We were playing canasta while having some lemonade. Gee willerkers it was fun.

I didn't realize just how close the park was to their back yard, but a crap ton of other people did. They invite as many people as they can each year to watch the fireworks. Ever since I caught a short fuse on a Blackcat when I was a pre-teen, my love of fireworks sort of throbbed it's way out of my numb hand. I decided to head home early.

Wasn't early enough. Got caught in a massive cluster of a traffic jam. People park on both sides of the street leaving only one lane for traffic. God help you if you want to go when the rest of the town wants to come.

So this year, please find a spot early. Here's what I missed while I was working my way through traffic, and maybe cursing.