Travel permits are not required in the City of Temple.

Don't be confused. Yes, Bell County still has a stay at home order in place, but Temple PD says officers will not conduct random traffic stops to ensure residents comply.

Sydney Isenberg with KXXV-TV reports that any stops conducted will be based on probable cause, which includes traffic or other violations.

The department says travel permits are not required in the City of Temple, but they are encouraging residents to stay home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In a news release emailed to us Tuesday, April 7, Temple PD spokesman Chris Christoff said officers will be allowed to wear cloth masks during shift hours when social distancing isn't possible. Some officers were even issued N95 masks, goggles, and gloves for protection on patrol.

"Providing this option is a measure that the department is taking toward protecting the safety of its employees and the residents of Temple.", Deputy Chief Jeff Clark said.

Earlier this week, Bell County Judge David Blackburn issued a directive asking residents to wear cloth masks when out in public to help slow the spread of the virus. Masks are not mandatory, and you won't be stopped and fined for not having one, but it's highly recommended that you use one to protect yourself and others.

Bell County remains under a shelter in place order, and citizens are asked not to leave their homes unless it's absolutely necessary to work, buy food and supplies, pick up medicine, or perform other essential tasks.

The idea is to help slow the spread of COVID-19 so that our local hospitals are not overwhelmed with patients.

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