Everyone loves a two-for-one deal, especially investigators trying to bust thieves.

According to the Temple Police Department, a citizen reported the theft of an $8,000 John Deere Gator UTV on Monday, August 3. The owner said multiple people stole the vehicle from his property shortly before 3 AM that day.

Police later received a tip that the stolen vehicle might be at a property near the 2500 block of Moore's Mill Road. They searched the property on Sunday, August 9 and found the UTV, along with a motorcycle that had also been stolen.

No arrests had been made as of Monday, and the case remained under investigation.

Police didn't release further details, so I can't tell you if the vehicle had been left anywhere unsecured when it was stolen. However, I do want to take the opportunity to remind everyone to always check that your vehicles, sheds, and other areas thieves might want to rummage around in are locked before you turn in for the night.

A couple of weeks ago, thieves were caught on a home security camera helping themselves to a car on Paseo Del Plata in Temple. Surveillance footage showed one of them just casually walking up to the vehicle, trying the door, and hitting the jackpot.

Don't make things easy for the scumbums. Take all your valuables inside at night and lock those doors tight! You might also want to hide or remove any chargers you have lying around the cabin of your vehicle. They can indicate to thieves that you might have valuable electronics in the car, and that just increases the temptation for them to break in and help themselves.

Lock it up so you don't lose it, and stay safe out there.

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