Beautiful Downtown Temple is a great place to visit. Just watch where you park, because police certainly will be.

"In response to community and business concerns about safety and accessibility, the Temple Police Department will soon increase parking measures in Downtown Temple for all visitors and residents," Temple Police Department spokesman Cody Weems wrote in a news release.

"An education and awareness campaign will begin Nov. 4 before any citations are issued," Weems explained. "For the first two weeks, drivers will be given informational flyers about what is and isn’t allowed under current city ordinances. For the rest of November, those who are observed violating the parking codes will be given warnings. Citations will not be issued until December, giving visitors and residents ample time to adjust their parking habits without facing fines."

Weems is urging drivers to pay close attention to signs indicating 2-hour parking zones. He's also reminding folks no to block or park in alleyways, and that parking in loading and valet zones is also prohibited.

It should go without saying, but you'll want to make sure you're parked between the lines as well. I don't know why that's so difficult, but I'm sure you've seen as many people failing to manage to do this as I. Backing into angled parking spots is a parking violation as well, and parallel parking rules require that your vehicle's right-side tires be within 18 inches of the curb.

“We want to make sure everyone has a fun, safe experience when visiting downtown Temple,” Weems wrote. “Keeping these parking regulations in mind will ensure everyone has access to all the new and exciting businesses and events in Downtown Temple.”

For more information about Temple's parking rules, see Chapter 37, Article IV of the City of Temple Code of Ordinances.

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