UPDATE: Cody Weems with the City of Temple spoke with us at 1:55 PM. He confirmed that a juvenile male was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. We are awaiting more information.


Multiple shots were fired, and a suspicious person was seen fleeing the scene of a shooting in Temple early Friday afternoon.

As two of our staff members were leaving the Townsquare Media Offices at 608 Moody Lane for lunch, a shooting erupted at a home near the intersection of Saulsbury Drive and Moody Lane.

The sound of multiple gunshots reverberated through our office, which is located at the same intersection as the crime scene.

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The two women quickly ran inside to safety and alerted the rest of the staff to the danger outside. Our front office employee quickly locked the doors, and the authorities were immediately called.

The Temple Police Department and Temple Fire and Rescue arrived quickly on the scene, and we heard from an officer that they'd found multiple shell casings.

Based on eyewitness testimony from our employees, the shooter approached a group of teenagers and began firing. A witness reported seeing a person described an an African American male with short dreads. He was wearing a yellow jacket, sweatpants, and was reportedly armed with a small black handgun.

At this time the City of Temple has released the following statement:

"Officers responded to a shots fired call at 12:09pm in the 600 block of Moody Ln. Suspects have not been identified and we are not sure if there are any victims. We will continue to release information as it becomes available."

We are grateful for the swift and professional response of Temple emergency responders. We are also grateful that our coworkers were able to quickly escape the scene and avoid being caught in the crossfire.

As of early Friday afternoon, police had taped off the scene and were still interviewing witnesses.

We'll bring you more details as they become available.

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