A Temple, Texas soldier is about to receive his new home thanks to the Homes for our Troops organization, and donations from incredible Central Texas residents like you. Best of all there is an opportunity for the local community to come together and assist in this process on Armed Forces Day.

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Of course nobody knows more the sacrifice soldiers and their families make every day than we do in Central Texas as the largest army post on the planet, Fort Cavazos is our neighbor. We see our family members, friends, and neighbors regularly come and go depending on their rotation, or permanent change of station.

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Great New Opportunity To Support Our Texas Troops

Armed Forces Day is the third Saturday of May, and you can actually play a part in welcoming a Temple native into his new home. Army Corporal Duane McGhghy lost the lower part of his left leg while suffering a traumatic brain injury in service his country in Iraq. Homes for our Troops has built him an adapted home, and it's almost time to move in.

HFOT is asking the community to be part of the homecoming process, and asking for volunteers to assist in landscaping the new home. All you need to do is show up at 9:30 this Saturday, May 18th, morning ready to work.

The project will begin at 10, and the impact you make will last for generations to come as Cpl McGhghy and his wife Cortney will raise their three children here.

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