Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller scrambled to explain himself Tuesday after a since-deleted post from his official Twitter account refered to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as “the c-word”.

The post showed the results of a Pennsylvania poll with GOP POTUS nominee Donald Trump leading Clinton by a single point. However, while Mr. Trump's last name appeared in all-capital letters, Mrs. Clinton's name was changed to “C—t”.

The Dallas Morning News reports that conflicting explanations were soon issued from Miller's camp.

Miller spokesperson Mark Loeffler first claimed that Miller's account had been hacked in order to troll followers and make the commissioner, and by extension, Trump, look bad.

However, the message was deleted 15 minutes after it was issued, and someone with access to the account tweeted "@MillerForTexas HAS BEEN HACKED. The disgusting re-tweet has been removed and we have changed all account passwords. Be advised."

That tweet was soon deleted as well, and Miller's agency issued a statement saying they'd "inadvertently retweeted a tweet that they were not aware contained a derogatory term."

While Loeffler was claiming the account was hacked, Miller told KXAS-TV reporter Julie Fine that the post was a retweet, and that staffers handling his Twitter account didn't realize the post contained foul language when they shared it.

According to the Texas Tribune, Miller had instructed his staff to issue retweets while he was busy. When asked if he thought a staffer had copy and pasted the post without thoroughly checking its content, Miller said, “I think you're right.”

Miller later issued an apology, saying he finds the term used in the tweet vulgar and offensive.

“They put some interesting polling numbers up but didn't read it close enough,” he told WFAA-TV. “It had a derogatory term in it, a term I would never use and don't condone, a term that a Texas gentlemen would never use. And it got out. When we found out about it we took it down.”

Governer Greg Abbott agreed, telling the Texas Tribune, “The language is reprehensible and is an embarrassment. No true Texas gentleman would ever talk this way."

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