We've seen colleges ranked by campus safety, mascot likeability, and quality of online degree paths, but this is...something else.

Bestcollegereviews.com has ranked Texas A&M Corpus Christi the #1 College by the Sea in America because why not?

According to their list, they ranked 50 schools based upon proximity to the beach, recreational opportunities on the sea, and specific marine educational centers, degrees, or research facilities.

TAMU-CC was the only Texas school on the list, and is also the only university on its own little island. Choosing it makes sense. I mean, if 50% of your ranking depends on proximity to the beach, it helps that the campus is surrounded by sand. I can't even imagine what Spring Break (or even lunch break) is like when you're always less than a mile from a beach.

"When one is considering where to pursue higher education, the environment is a huge factor," the folks at Best College Reviews write. "College is much more than classes and degrees, it is where some of the most important years of life are spent, and the location is vital."

Dummy that I am, I assumed the majority of degree programs would center around marine biology, ecology, oceanography, etc. Turns out they have everything from Dance to Nursing.

If you're planning your college career or have a kid who is, I'd say it's worth checking TAMU-CC out. I'd love to go back in time about 14 years and go to college by the sea. Instead of Googling ambient noise to help me focus and study, I could just crack a window!

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