Last week, law enforcement officials shut down a marijuana farm in East Texas through a coordinated investigation.

KETK-TV reports that over 23,000 marijuana plants were being grown at the farm.

Federal, State, and Local Authorities collaborated on an investigation that led to an attempted arrest of two suspects who fled on foot through the woods in the area where the marijuana plants were being stored.

After an 8 hour search through roads and highways, police dogs were able to capture one of the suspects who fit the description.

I know you are probably thinking to yourself, "But, what happened to the weed?"


Well, the herb was reportedly was airlifted and taken to a secure site where it was "destroyed".


Under the supervision of the U.S. Forest Service, the DEA, and the sheriff's department.

(But you know somebody stuffed a stash in their pocket or pockets. C’mon now.)

Also depending on where you get your green- green from, that may affect your supply for a lil' second.

Good luck, though!


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