Texas is wildly ahead of the entire United States for newborn babies contracting a super deadly disease, and it appears there is not a lot that can be done to stop the spread at this time. In fact, Texas is dealing with an epidemic that is so severe, it has a 50% lead over the next closest state, and it is costing infants their life at an alarming number.

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So, exactly how dangerous is this disease to babies? According to this School of Public Health with UT Health Houston, approximately 40% of every baby that has become infected are stillborn or die from the infection shortly after birth.

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What is most disturbing is that all of these newborns that are being exposed, and contracting this life threatening pathogen are becoming infected before they are given a chance to take their first breath. Additionally, even when the disease is recognized and diagnosed, according to this The Scientist article,

"Effective treatments are additionally challenging, experts say, because of T. pallidum’s ability to evolve resistance to antibiotics."

Scary Deadly Disease Now Up Over 900% In Texas Babies

Congenital syphilis is proving to be increasingly dangerous to Texas, and if a newborn does survive infancy, they are likely saddled with a lifetime of health issues that include bone and liver damage, and hearing or vision impairment or loss.

This Texas Public Radio article reminds us that syphilis is very treatable if detected early, and that is why it is imperative to keep tabs on your sexual partner(s) and get tested often. A pregnant woman with syphilis can easily transfer it to the baby, but both can be treated very successfully if diagnosed.

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