The Texas beaches remain active even as spring break is winding down heading into the last couple days of March and Easter weekend. Just last week we were just learning about the incredibly volatile man-o-war eating sea slugs that can cause serious damage with minimal encounter.

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All of the briny water and unknown creatures of sea is usually enough to steer many water enthusiasts away from the gulf beaches and into the many reservoirs and rivers of inland Texas, especially for the watersports fans. The one upside to spending your time at the beach is the American alligator is a fresh water predator, and your biggest reptile concern would be snakes.

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So, scary fresh water beasts aren't at the beach and the monsters of the deep are not present within fresh water, right? Well, maybe not so fast.

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Giant Alligator Looming On Texas Beach In New Video

A Beaumont fisherman was recently at the beach with his family, and saw what just had to be a washed up whale or something because of its enormous size, but it turned out to be a gator that was very much alive, enjoying a snack, and catching some rays.

Before you get too worked up, remember, alligator sightings at the beach are very rare. They're not taking a holiday, but more likely grabbing a quick dip to rid their self of unwanted parasites that cannot survive in the salt water.

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