Spring break in Texas is entering the final few days, but there is plenty of sunshine in ahead of us including a three day weekend coming up with Good Friday and Easter. If you find yourself missing the beach after the winter months, just prepared to understand that you are not the only one.


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My wife does not like to visit any of the reservoirs or lakes in East Texas because she's terrified with the very slim prospect of encountering an American alligator, so she always is pressing for family trips to the beach. Wonder where she will plan the next vacation after learning you don't even have to get into the water at the beach to cross paths with a rattlesnake.

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New Rattlesnake Sightings On Texas Beaches Are Staggering

Yes, it is true that Texas has the most snake species of all the United States and those include rattlesnakes and coral snakes. Before you freak out, just know that most of the time a snake is going to flee from you immediately, and will generally only strike when cornered or you startle them by stumbling upon their space too quickly.

Odds are at some point in time if you are outdoors enough in Texas you will eventually encounter a snake or two. Thankfully, those meetings usually end with the snake getting out of your way, and the two of you parting as still friends.

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Here are the 10 Most Snake Infested Lakes in Texas

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According to a YouGov poll, "the most common fear – one shared by nearly one in three U.S. adult citizens – is of snakes." That's more people than who are afraid of heights, spiders, and public speaking. Here are five common ways they get into your home:

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