About 20 million people in Texas drink coffee every day according to these stats in this Food and Beverage Insider article that says,

"Two-thirds of Americans (66%) drink coffee every day, up nearly 14% since January 2021, according to a new report."

Even as a non coffee drinker myself, that number seems low as does the notion that American's only drink 517 million cups per day because as someone that lives with a dedicated coffee consumer, my wife would have to scale back her beverage of choice by half, and only enjoy 1.5 cups each morning.

As someone who lives with a coffee drinker, I am literally terrified for others who live with coffee drinkers that must stop at only one java jumpstart each day.

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This Is Why Texas Decaf Coffee Will Get New Ban

You may have seen recently certain coffee roasters and brewhouses advertising that they serve chemical free coffee. They are effectively saying they do not use methylene chloride to extract the caffeine from the coffee beans.

Now, the decaf coffee suppliers that do use the methylene chloride method to decaffeinate their beans say that the process is safe and well within the FDA guidelines to be safe.

The biggest concern with this process to decaffeinate the coffee is that a known carcinogen is used. However, defenders of using this process, called the European method, say that the trace if any amounts that remain are not enough to cause concern. Nonetheless, many are calling on the FDA to ban decaf coffee made this way.

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