Summer is here in Texas, and besides popsicles or ice cream getting recalled, this is probably the worst possible treat to be getting pulled from the store shelves from just about every imaginable retailer due to a class 2 FDA recall for Salmonella contamination. Chocolate chip cookies, ice creams favorite friend, is being urgently recalled.

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According to this Newsweek article, about a half million chocolate chip cookie's worth of dough is being pulled from across Texas and another 20 states because of its exposure to Salmonella. The FDA quickly escalated their recall instructions from class 1 to class 2, and trust me when I say nobody wants to be diving into their refrigerator or pantry searching for a class 3 item.

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The dough is sold in Sam's Club and Costco, and can be found a few other places as well. The particular cookie dough you need to keep an eye out for is made by South Coast Baking under the Rise Baking Company brand.

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Salmonella contamination is definitely something that should always be taken seriously because it not only is associated with severe symptoms, it can potentially be life threatening to individuals that are very young, elderly, or health compromised.

If you experience ongoing symptoms for more than a couple days, you should be seek care from your physician, and be prepared to combat dehydration.

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