Copperas Cove, Texas is a thriving small city in Central Texas that has blossomed from a bedroom to community to the nearby Fort Cavazos into a major shopping and cultural hub for Coryell County, and now makes up about half of the county's population. Overall though, the feel for the community remains very small town, and the residents enjoy the hill country lifestyle with great pride.

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Just like many small cities, word travels quickly when something newsworthy occurs, and learning new details about a house explosion over the Memorial Day weekend killed a Killeen man has neighbors and authorities alike investigating what is going on in Cove?

It is no surprise that a residential home explosion rocked an entire neighborhood, and caused a massive power outage due to nearby powerlines being affected, but learning that a man is also now dead because of the explosion adds another level to the story.

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Texas Man Now Dead After Scary Home Explosion

The man was initially injured and taken to the hospital, but he has now passed away and has been identified as Landon Michael Lower, 34, according to this KCEN-TV article. There are multiple investigations going on at this time for what caused the explosion, and if detectives will determine if there was foul play involved.

The area of East Blancas Drive and North Main Street in Copperas Cove remains an active investigation sight with Cove Police and Fire Departments both involved.

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