We all hoped the pandemic would be far in the rearview mirror by now, but the numbers show that's far from the case.

Is The Pandemic Over?

While I've noticed it for months now, I thought to myself while in line at H-E-B the other day, "Wow! they've silently taken down all the social distancing policies in all stores...as if the pandemic is over".

Of course, those days are behind us.

This is probably no surprise that despite COVID numbers declining here in Texas, the state now ranks second in the nation for people who have had COVID-19.

The Numbers

Back in November of 2020, Texas became the first state to exceed 1 million Covid cases.

Yesterday, the Lone Star State exceeded 4 million Covid cases, trailing only California since the pandemic began.


Are we taking the seriousness of COVID-19 for granted?

Despite our numbers falling the past few weeks, the reality is what it is.

But we all are guilty, including me!

The way we are all normally living our lives is crazy - going to concerts, traveling, etc. We probably aren't taking this virus as seriously as we should.

Some Of Us Aren't Taking The Vaccine Seriously Either...

Over half of the population in Texas has been fully vaccinated, while over 60% have received at least one dose.

Still, anti-vaccine conspiracy theories and limited supplies in some areas have hindered efforts to get as many people vaccinated as possible, and it's looking like those who are open to vaccination may need to get booster shots to protect themselves from everyone else.


Doctor is holding a vaccination record card and corona virus vaccine vials. Passport of immunity to the coronavirus in the hands of a male doctor. Health passport.
Getty Images/iStockphotoOlena Hololobova


According to the Bell County Health District, Bell County has 1673 active cases of COVID-19 bringing to a total of 31,173 cases of the Coronavirus since the pandemic started. 



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