Texas is a great state for living it up outside almost all year, but aside from the scorching heat that loves to apply a pressure cooker type lid to our summer, it is the smallest of unwanted guests that makes the largest impact to our overall enjoyment of the great outdoors. Mosquitoes are not just annoying, they also spread all kinds of diseases among people, pets, and livestock alike.

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Thanks to research from the University of Washington, we now know on a scientific level what steps we can take to prevent mosquitoes to the point of actually getting mosquitos to avoid us.

No matter what your skin pigmentation, all flesh puts off a red hue that attracts mosquitoes. It is like they have infrared vision specifically for animals.

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Avoid Mosquitos Now By Not Wearing These Colors

Obviously, preventing mosquitoes from being around you is the best move to avoid becoming their prey, but when you can not control the environment, you can control your wardrobe.

These are the four colors you should especially avoid to combat mosquitoes:

  1. Reds
  2. Oranges (which is a blend of yellow and red)
  3. Cyan (which is a type of blue that leans into green and therefore yellow)
  4. Blacks

Mosquitoes seem to avoid blue, purple, white, and green.

The other big move that helps camouflage you from mosquitoes is your scent. Keeping body odor and bad breath to a minimum also keeps you from standing out to prowling mosquitoes.

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