Wouldn't the world be such a great place if police responded to noise complaints and the end result was a choreographed dance?

That's what happened late September when a Carrollton police officer responded to a noise complaint in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Sgt. Todd Burnside arrived on scene and met with David Opegbemi. Opegbemi introduced himself and his friends, explaining that he is a groom for a wedding and that him and his groomsmen were secretly practicing a dance routine for his bride-to-be.

The officer was intrigued and they offered to give him a taste of their upcoming performance with "My Girl" from the Temptations going off in the background.

Sgt. Burnside is heard saying, "See, mine was nothing like that!" He then gave the groom-to-be a handshake and offered up a 'congratulations."

It's stories like these out of Texas that really brings humans together. The groom, Opegbemi admitted to being a little nervous at first as the officer approached the group at night. He told ABC news:

When the officer first approached us, we were a little nervous, but we knew we were doing nothing wrong. After a short explanation of the situation, things became great between us and the respect displayed on both sides was an awesome feeling. The officer was super cool and kind.

Sgt. Burnside said he was surprised how much attention his body cam video has garnered (200,000 YouTube views in 5 days) as it's just "something we do". Opegbemi is also very happy the video is being shared all over the Internet.

It sends a positive message to the world that one: black men don't always need to be perceived as someone dangerous. We are doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners, and educators in our communities. Two: we all can coexist respectfully and safely in this country. All black men aren't criminals and all cops aren't killers of black men.

Their four weeks of secret dance practice paid off big, too. His bride, Tiera, was ecstatic to see the routine on their big day.