When you think Texas, you think Catfishing. At least, you will now. Hopefully this info will help keep you from being a victim.

A recent study showed that Texans lost more than $42 million dollars from being catfished.

A recent study by Social Catfish found that Texas is the second most catfished state.

Data from this study was compiled from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Trading Commission.

Texans were duped out of over $42 million dollars according to the study that also showed the top Catfished Scams.

They ranged from NFL player Manti Teo being catfished, to someone posing as Bruno Mars and scamming a woman of $100,000 thinking she was sending money to her favorite singer.

The report also showed that dating app revenue increased to $3 billion dollars during last year's pandemic, making it easier to scam people looking for love.

They provided 5 tips to avoid being catfished:

- Be aware on social media scammers are not just on dating apps they hang out on Twitter, Facebook even LinkedIn.

-Use Reverse Search Platforms that confirm the identity of emails and pics.

- Video Chat, that way you can see that the person you are talking to is who they really are

- Be Aware of scammers wanting to move too fast. Monday you meet them by Friday here they are wanting to get married!

- Personal Information, this should have been number one! Common sense should tell you to not give your personal information to anyone you meet online, but most of us don't possess common sense.

Check out the complete study right here. Be careful out there!


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