The Emergency Room Gentleman's Lounge in San Antonio isn't even open yet, but it's already causing controversy.
Some people say the name is dangerous, as some people may mistake the place for an actual emergency care center. It doesn't help that the owners are seeking sexy nurses to work there, according to their Facebook page.

Are you kidding me? According to KHOU some residents "fear that some may confuse the strip club for an actual emergency room". Really? Why don't they just say, we would rather this business didn't open up in this area.

The owners of the business did not get a permit from the city and could be looking a fine of about $300 for not having a permit for the sign. KHOU reports that the city's development services director Michael Shannon says, "The city found the owners did not apply for a permit to legally put up the sign."

What's on the sign itself doesn't so much matter as a permit to put one up in the first place. The First Amendment takes the place of any jurisdiction the city may have over the content of the sign itself. Shannon said he has been in contact with the owner who seemed open to the concerns and said they would get back to the city about any changes.

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