A few weeks back, we told you about Texas high school senior Deandre Arnold, a student attending school in Barbers Hill ISD, who had been suspended from school and was told he wouldn't be allowed to graduate unless he cuts his locks.

Deandre's story outraged people across the country as the debate raged on about school dress codes that seemingly target minority students. While the Barbers Hill ISD has not issued any comment on the situation other than to stand by their school's policy on hair length, Talk show Ellen Degeneres decided to take up Deandre's cause and invited him on to "The Ellen Show" which aired on Wednesday to share his story.

In the interview, Arnold says that he has worn locks for years and was always in dress code and wasn't informed of his being in violation of it until after the Christmas break. Arnold, who has been out of school for weeks, said if he doesn't cut his hair, his only options are in-school suspension or an alternative school for children with behavioral issues.

Degeneres pleaded with the Barbers Hill ISD to reconsider their decision before Grammy Award Winning Artist Alicia Keys surprised Arnold with a $20,000 Scholarship from Shutterfly.

While the debate will likely continue, its nice to know this young mans future will be better regardless of the outcome of this "hair debate".


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