So I was scrolling on Facebook being nosy, lurking, liking, loving statuses when I came across this concerning post about the hair policy for KISD:

Read the comments. There are lots of concerned parents and even alumni.

So I turn into Inspector "Trey" and check out KISD‘s student handbook, which says this about Dress Code:

coc dress code

I then go to the Student Code of Conduct booklet online, where it discusses Dress Code and says this:

coc 1
coc 2

I then looked at the policy for athletics, which is different and, might I add, a tad stricter than what's in the Code Of Conduct:

athletic hari policy

Then that made me say hmmm...

Just last week, a Texas court ruled that a school district's policy that prohibited the length of a students' hair was "discriminatory ". The student at the center of it all, DeAndre Arnold, was suspended, and his story grabbed national attention

Maybe enough parents aren't raising an issue about this, because it clearly discriminates.

What's the difference here in Killeen?

From my personal experience, I have seen very few people from other races besides African Americans wear corn rolls and dreadlocks. Of course, there is always an exception to any rule, but personally I rarely see it.

Makes you wonder though doesn't it? Am I tripping? Or NAH?


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