Apparently long hair is so 2012.

This Morning, Beyonce fans were treated to multiple selfies from Queen B herself, debuting her new short do on her official instagram account.

via Beyonce's Instagram

Beyonce is just the latest star to chop off her locks in favor of a new short hairdo. Other stars known for rocking short hair include Rihanna, Pink, and of course, Miley Cyrus. In fact, many are saying B was inspired by Miley's hair. I, however, am pretty sure Beyonce doesn't take fashion cues from anyone. She just rocks whatever look she wants and owns it.

Reaction online has been mixed. Some have said Beyonce should have kept her signature long hair. Many have applauded her, however, saying rocking short hair is empowering to young girls, proving you don't need a wig, weave, or extensions to look fierce!

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