Well, that haircut was short lived!

So it was only last week that Beyonce shocked the world when she debuted her new pixie cut to her fans via Instagram. I, personally, couldn't believe that Bey chopped off her signature locks! I mean, it's Beyonce! She's known for her long, gorgeous tresses! However, many found it refreshing, saying that it gave women empowerment to feel comfortable with their own natural hair, without adding weave or extensions. And girlfriend did rock that pixie cut.

However, apparently Beyonce wasn't a huge fan of the do, because just this week, paparazzi captured her sporting new extensions while on a walk with Blue Ivy.(Click HERE to see the picture!) Now, to be fair, the extensions are still short. And she is Beyonce. If she wanted to pick a different color of the rainbow to color her hair each week, she'd still be fabulous! I want to know what you think! Do you think Beyonce should have kept the pixie cut, or do you prefer her with longer locks?

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